A streamlined solution lets you spend more time building your business.

Since 1993, ASCII Software Solutions has been developing software applications for small business and large organisations that not only track and report on tasks, schedules and workflows, but also improve efficiency and productivity. When technology fits you rather than you fitting it, you’re sure to manage your business better and with less effort.

Process mapping for successful business management.

A process is a structure for action, a specific ordering of tasks across time and place, with clearly defined inputs and outputs.

By analysing and mapping your business processes, ASCII Software Solutions integrates the inputs (customer orders, information, leads, operational data) and outputs (deliveries, invoices, reports) into one application, providing you with an instant overview of each stage of a process.

An easy-to-use solution that saves time and money.

Our end product to you is cost-effective and easy to use. It also reduces administrative tasks, eliminates duplication of effort, and provides valuable opportunities for continuous improvement.

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